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About Monster Marine Lithium

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How we started


Here at MML we are not just people creating a business, we are anglers with an intense desire to fish competitively and as a sport. Fishing dates back for generations in our family, from our great grandfather's cat fishing business to our cousin fishing professional as a women's bassmaster angler, bringing home the angler of the year title and an ESPY award! We enjoy all types of fishing. As anglers, we experienced the headaches of dead batteries and lost time on the water. We knew there had to be a better way. We recognized that there needed to be an affordabl yet dependable battery that met the needs of all anglers. Taking advice from many frustrated fishermen, we identified the need to design a battery that specifically met the specifications of today's trolling motors and modern hi tech electronics. We knew we had to design batteries that would not only run these electronics, but protect them as well. What better way to prove these batteries design besides run them in our boats ourselves. Through many hours of testing our MML batteries, we are confident in saying our batteries are among the most efficient, and durable battery designed specifically for anglers. 

Why Monster Marine Lithium's?


There are lots of advantages to running lithium. MML isn't just another lithium battery our trolling batteries they are designed and made to run the top leading brand trolling motors. Lithium ensures continuous voltage with the same amp output so it keeps your motors running smooth and safe. 


“Tried out a new Monster Marine Lithium 36v 40Ah battery, 2 of them in parallel, in my last tournament and started with 100% battery and ended the 8 hour tournament with 84% battery left! Absolutely blew my mind!”

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