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Introducing to you the all new Dynamic Charge System the Ultimate Charging System for your boat!

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Longer Lifespan

Up to 10x longer lifespan than regular AGM or acid batteries.

Light Weight

Coming in at 33 pounds this 3 in 1 battery weighs less than half of 1 regular marine battery.

Easy Installation

Our screw in bolt ports allow for easy and secure connectivity. Plug and Play!

Rigid Construction

Built to handle the toughest of beatings that anglers give on their batteries. Jumping waves or trolling hard our batteries are built for it all.


Water Proof 

Our batteries are made for boats so of course they are water proof! 


All MML batteries have over charge, over discharge, over temp, short circuit, and BMS single cell protection. Making it the safest and best built in the industry.


Bluetooth Monitoring

MML batteries has bluetooth options for monitoring the charge state of your battery.


Advanced Technology

MML batteries use advanced LiFePO4  technology and the most Advanced BMS

systems available!

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About Us

Monster Marine Lithium is a battery company designed and built for anglers by anglers. We here at MML got tired of dragging around all the extra weight, not to mention the unexpected acid battery dying on us during a bass tournament, so we developed and designed a battery that would allow us to troll all day and run all the needed electronics, live wells, lights, and even video cameras in your boat without worries. 

Fish More; Charge Less!


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