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This Group 31 cranking lithium packs a big punch into cranking over your boat engine. This battery is designed with the appropriate BMS to handle the voltage spikes and the high output of these new 4 stroke engines. Coming in with 1300CCA (cold cranking amps) and 120Ah of storage to run all your electronics needs ,this battery is perfect for your boat & only weighing in at 26 lbs! A second can be added in parallel if anyone ever wants to add another 120Ah of energy storage to their boat! Suitable for all boat engines!

1300CCA 120Ah Dual Purpose Cranking Lithium "Scorpion"

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  • Weight:

    25 lbs (11.8Kg). 60% lighter than 1 SLA battery!


    1300 cold cranking amps

    Size Dimensions:

    L 13 in (330mm) x W 6.8in (173mm)  x H 8.8 in (225mm)




    1280 Watts (Wh)



    Charge Volts:


    Continous Amps:

    120A max


    F12 terminals (post that screw in). 

    • All 12v electronics (preferred because of steady voltage)
    • Starting boat engines; 2 stroke & 4 stroke
    • Trolling motors 12v, 24v, & 36v
    • Connect up to 4 in series for 24v, 36v, or 48v 100Ah capacity
    • Connect in parallel for higher capacities
    • LiFePO4 replacement for SLA 12v
    • 36v and 48v golf carts