This Group 31 cranking lithium packs a big punch into cranking over your boat engine. This battery is designed with the appropriate BMS to handle the voltage spikes and the high output of these new 4 stroke engines. Coming in with 1300CCA (cold cranking amps) and 120Ah of storage to run all your electronics needs ,this battery is perfect for your boat & only weighing in at 25 lbs! A second can be added in parallel if anyone ever wants to add another 120Ah of energy storage to their boat! Suitable for all boat engines!

1300CCA 120Ah Cranking Lithium MML-13C120 "Scorpion"

SKU: MML-13C120
  • Weight:

    25 lbs (11.8Kg). 60% lighter than 1 SLA battery!


    1300 cold cranking amps

    Size Dimensions:

    L 13 in (330mm) x W 6.8in (173mm)  x H 8.8 in (225mm)




    1280 Watts (Wh)



    Charge Volts:


    Continous Amps:

    120A max


    F12 terminals (post that screw in).