Introducing “The Beast” cranking lithium! This LiFePO4 battery packs 1700 cold cranking amps and has 100Ah of storage so that it doesn’t only start your engine but also will run all your electronics! This battery is in a group 31 case and 28lbs! A major benefit in running lithium is while out fishing and more electronics or pumps are kicked on you do not get a voltage drop! Unlike SLA batteries you do not get a voltage drop as more amps are pulled out of the battery you also get to use 100% of the storage capacity instead of the 50% in SLA batteries. Each battery has a BMS inside to protect from over charging and over discharging so that there is no worries at all! This battery is designed with the appropriate BMS to handle the voltage spikes and the high output of these new 4 stroke engines.

1700CCA 100Ah Dual Purpose Cranking Lithium “The Beast”

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  • Weight:

    28 lbs (12.7Kg). 60% lighter than 1 SLA battery!


    1700 cold cranking amps

    Size Dimensions:

    L 13 in (330mm) x W 6.8in (173mm)  x H 8.66 in (220mm)




    1280 Watts (Wh)



    Charge Volts:


    Continous Amps:

    100A max


    F12 terminals (post that screw in).