This 36v lithium charger is designed for MML 36v batteries and is a non waterproof charger with Anderson quick connectors to quickly plug up to charge and unplug when the battery is fully charged. Having the Non-Waterproof you can quickly unplug from battery and put in truck or dry storage so that it saves room in the back of boat and weight also! It comes with the Anderson connector for the battery side as well!

36v Non Waterproof 7A Charger w/ Anderson Quick Connect

  • Output voltage: 43.8 V 
    Charge current: 7 A 
    Max Output Power: 307 W 
    Input voltage: 110(90-132) Vac  
    AC input voltage frequency: 50-60 HZ 
    Dimension: 8.66×4.72×3.93 in 
    Weight: 2.5lbs