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Pre Order Only Page 36V 73Ah "Titan" Trolling Battery.

  • Weight:

    51 lbs (23.1Kg).

    Size Dimensions:

    L 13 in (330mm) x W 6.77in (172mm)  x H 9.5 in (241mm)




    2803 Watts (Wh)



    Charge Volts:


    Continous Amps:

    100A max


    F12 terminals (post that screw in) M8 bolt. 

    • 36v trolling motors
    • Connect in parallel for 146Ah capacity
    • LiFePO4 replacement for (3) SLA 12v
    • Ideal for Minn Kota Trolling Motors
    • Ideal for Garmin Trolling Motors
    • Ideal for Lowrance Trolling Motors
    • Ideal for Rhodan Trolling Motors
    • Ideal for ALL Trolling Motors
    • Over 4000+ Charge cycles
    • Bluetooth capatable